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Libra 360°


Libra 360°

Libra 360° is a 360° feedback online solution. All administration and user of both, surveys and feedback are done through the web.

The main features of the system are:

  • Availability of 18 languages
  • Three level questionnaires (competencies areas, competencies and behaviours)
  • Unlimited number of participants (evaluated) and evaluators
  • Free configuration of the categories of evaluators
  • Wide range of configuration assessment scales
  • Various options for processing the list of respondents: preloaded (close or open), with boss approval, etc.
  • Large variety of questions available (graduate, open, with comments, bars, etc.)
  • Large possibilities for different configurations of individual reports and Team reports
  • 100% safety and data protection
  • Climate surveys
  • Social Network Analysys surveys

Main users:

  • Accenture
  • Ambrosetti
  • Castorama
  • Enel
  • Expo 2015
  • Ferrero Polska
  • HVBank
  • PDI Italia
  • Pioneer Investments
  • Unicredit Group
  • Unicredit Banca d'impresa

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